ThisWay by Torkel Doehmers


ThisWay gives protection...







...comfort and presence.












A comfortable pedal powered bicycle with weather protection.

Emphasis is made on automotive qualities in the design, to attract non-previous cyclists used to cars and motorcycles.

Another selling point to attract more people riding a bike (particularly here in Europe) is weather protection - ThisWay has a roof.

Built in composite materials (carbon or flax fibre) and some hydro-formed aluminium, this vehicle is very lightweight (approximately 11-12kg). It has built-in LED lights front and rear, powered by a rechargeable battery obtaining its power from roof mounted solar cells. For minimum maintenance ThisWay's built-in belt drive is well protected and all cables are hidden within the frame.

The car-like ergonomics offers a riding position lower than a traditional bike to keep a low centre of gravity and optimal aerodynamics.

The design has simple controls for ease of use; single hand brake lever and hub gears type Torpedo Duomatic providing Low and Hi gear.

The rear of the frame has a "luggage connector", where the user plugs-in his/her luggage (e g briefcase, helmet box or rack for shopping bags). The design also benefits from flexibility and comfort for riders of different sizes, as the crankset and seat is adjustable in length/height.

A "hybrid" version (pedal power/electric motor) will assist in hills and additional battery packs can be plugged-in into the luggage connector to extend the range further.

Although this design is more expensive to manufacture compared to its traditional rivals, it is still just a fraction of the price of a car and virtually zero in running costs...








There are roofed bikes out there on the market already such as rickshaws, recumbents, HPVs (Human Powered Vehicles)/velomobiles etc., so covered bikes do exist since a long time but the challenge is to design a functional and desirable bicycle that even appeals to non-previous cyclists.

It makes sense for a commuter bike here in Central and Northern Europe to offer some degree of weather protection for improved comfort. Instead of creating a totally enclosed design similar to other HPVs/velomobiles risking the user to feel isolated, a more open design will allow a higher degree of interaction with the surroundings.

The bike should have "attitude" with high visual impact giving the user a feel of "owning the street".

ThisWay is my proposal for a feasable design that I believe will potentially become a commercial product and hopefully get people more interested in commuting by bike...


ThisWay sideview.







ThisWay with helmet/luggage box attached.






A topless ThisWay for the lucky ones commuting in southern latitudes.





ThisWay tapedrawing.









ThisWay has been announced winner in the commuter bicycle design competition!

Quote from the jury:  
"Overall, out of all the entries, “ThisWay” was the concept that most of us on the jury felt was “different enough to be a 'paradigm shift' from, and an alternative to, existing bikes.”" !