torquee: Homo Apparatus

Homo Apparatus series 1
"HA-001", HA-002", HA-003", "HA-004".

Homo Apparatus is an exploration art project based on following findings.

In the light of widespread speciesism on our planet plus personal interest in the relationship between the natural biological and man-made, I examine through experiments new forms of life, "hybrid life".

Work is permeated by a question of what life is and what life forms mankind respects. She has set standards of which species legally to exploit and which to respect. A fact that draw heated debates such as racism and ageism to fade.

These values ​​are about to be shaken as artificial intelligence is advancing at an increasing pace. Us humans, our functionalities and purposes holistically seen might be put in new context, questioned by these intelligences.

The risk is imminent that we will become undesirable perhaps seen as biological resources to exploit by new forms of intelligence…

I am exploring such scenarios and tangents in this series, through hybrid experiments using building blocks of humans and technology created by them.