Moppe Apparatus TD-MP1

TD-MP1, a modular lightweight electric "moped" with a design providing smart modularity and ease of use with one purpose. Pure transport with nothing else than low aero racing style ergonomics to cut through the wind in total silence. Like a perfect team, rider and horse becoming one entity.

"Apparatus" monocoque design

Rideable Apparatus Art

Not built for optimal practicality, rather as a piece of rideable art - yet with objectives to increase diversity and popularise the use of small electric vehicles other than electric bicycles and scooters, promoting lightweight enjoyable mobility with a sense of freedom, as opposed to fossil fuelled heavy vehicles such as the car.

The frame is designed with simplicity in mind around Torkel’s long term fascination of construction concepts often used in industry for electric apparatus as well as in the beginnings of synthesizer manufacturing: two structural side walls with componentry and interface stacked in-between. This principle is also reflected in mid-century modernist architecture, built around two structural walls, filled with glass and functionality.

Individual functional modules, easily exchangeable. Adapter insets for different phones.


Modular design allows for custom functions like iPhone or any smart phone parking place, glove box etc. The iPhone becomes the main interface to the vehicle.

TD-MP1 Synth SS50


The TD-MP1 aims to take back the fun of lightweight two-wheeled low-powered transport, what mopeds used to be… As such it is a modern answer to the iconic Honda SS50 that has been a favourite to customise and race throughout the decades.

TD-MP1 is a raw breed output from synthesizer aesthetics mating the SS50…

Rigid lightweight monocoque design...


TD-MP1 is the first prototype of a research project investigating above mentioned principles, aesthetics and manufacturing methods put into a lightweight two wheel vehicle. In addition to research in electric motor control systems and drivetrains.  

For Doehmers Research Lab in Sweden.
Designer: Torkel Doehmers.
Specifications: to be decided and confirmed. No further information at this stage.